Welcome to my personal journey into becoming a Saskatchewan educator!

“An education is not so much as making a living as making a person.”

-Tara Westover

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My Journey Towards Understanding Digital Citizenship: #edtc’s Final Summary Video!

I am so excited to share my final summary video for my #edtc 300 course! This has been such a great semester, even through the challenges of distance learning and the global pandemic. I have been able to connect with others in this course more so than I have in some in person classes! I will definitely be taking these lessons that I’ve learning with me into my future career as an educator. I feel like this course is more relevant than ever, as we embrace technology for good and for bad! For […]

In Love with Crochet: Final #LearningProject Post!

Written by Sequoia Abbott-Saulteaux I almost can’t believe we’re here! The very last (official) #LearningProject blog post! For this blog, I decided to make another video summarizing some of my progress with Crocheting. I incorporated some videos clips from the middle of the semester to better highlight the progress of my skills. For the video, I focused on my Bernat Braided Blanket and the Llama-No-Drama pattern both from Yarnspirations. I wanted to make a video mainly to show how much better, and faster, my stitches are now. Let me know how you like […]

Contributing to Others: #edtc 300’s Final Blog Post!

Written by Sequoia Abbott-Saulteaux Well, here we are. My final blog post for the semester towards my Educational Technology 300 course. I can’t say exactly what I was expecting when I first entered this course as an senior educational elective for my very last semester at the University of Regina (here’s hoping for a successful internship next fall!), but I can say that I was not expecting how much I would look forward to this class every week. One of my favourite things about this course is the potential to build a sense […]


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